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Why The Hoyas Will Win

The Hoyas have suprised evryone by making todays Big East tournamnet championship. But today they will have to beat the Mountaniers of West Virginia to win the Big East tournament champioship. Both are easy locks for the tournamnet. But who gets to hang that banner in the stadium, it will be decided today. The Hoyas have shown that they can beat anyone after a good start, but can lose to anyone with a bad one. The first half will decide this game. Expect  really close one.

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One Mistake Ends a Season

It was 66-65 with about 19 seconds left. The Akron Zips got a fast-break. Ther shot was blocked though and than they gotr the ball back. But then they made a bad pass and lost the ball with 15 seconds left. By luck though they got the ball back and scored to tie it at 68 to send it to ot. In ot they were demolished. Ohio pulled away and won the MAC championship. Meaning the Zips season is over.


Kansas up 71-64 with 28.4 left in regulation 
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Akron Ties it up

With the score at 68-65, Akron thought they had lost the MAC championship. They hit a three.  Toie game 6 secs lefy
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Akron Screws Up

With 19 secnds left the Akron Zips stole the ball from Ohio down 66-65. The were blocked on the shot. But they recived the ball.  With 15.7 seconds left. They lost the ball. Now Ohio has it, with 15 tics left. Akron might have lost it
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The steelers will fail to make the playoffs.

last night, a 1-11 Cleveland Browns played a 6-6, Super Bowl defending Pittsburg Steelers, and suprisinglly won. This became the 5th straight loss for the Steelers. THe same team that gave Minnesota one of only two losses. They started 6-2, but are now 6-7. Losing five straight including Oakland, Kansas City and Clevland. Making there playoff hopes almost dead  
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ESPN Twit report

this is a new thing im doing here. im going to the espn twitter and taking the news they post there and saying my opinion.



Griffey goes deep as new-look M's top Twins 

Nice job dude

UNC dismantles Mich. St. to claim championship -

This game was so bad it didnt even make the main story on the Washington POst Sports section.

Blake Griffin of Oklahoma Sooners to announce future plans -

Go down for more news

Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, to play at UCF -

I feel bad for Marcus. Hes not goanna be as good as a player as his father and noone will think hes good.

Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington of North Carolina have no timetable for decision on NBA -

Better make that decision soon

Jack Elway, son of John Elway, leaving Arizona State Sun Devils football team -

Exactly what I ment for the Jordans

NBA draft: Kentucky Wildcats guard Jodie Meeks to test status -

This will be interesting!

Bora says he will coach Iraq's soccer team -

No comment

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich: Roger Mason Jr. to start for injured Manu Ginobili -

Mason is pretty good and i think he wont disappoint us

Lance Armstrong says in statement he did not try to evade French drug test -


NFL draft: Defensive tackle B.J. Raji denies reports of failed drug test -

What an idiot!

Tiger Woods' Masters draw includes Stewart Cink, Jeev Milkha Singh -

No comment

Blake Griffin of Oklahoma Sooners to enter NBA draft -

Not suprising. i think he will be the #1 pick. if not that than in the top three

Source: Cincinnati Bengals reach deal with DL Tank Johnsonbengals

The bengals need to still pull in a big name this offseason. the already lost TJ

Troy Aikman: Terrell Owens' cut OK; Roy Williams must step up -

He said it all

Pedroia sparks BoSox as Beckett stymies Rays -

Pedroia not tyour usual player to do this but a great preformance for the BoSox

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione: We don't want Courtney Paris' payback -

I think she'll still do it though. that would suck if she didnt

Houston Rockets activate Carl Landry three weeks after shooting -

Questionable move

Jurrjens, Braves 'pen combine to shut out Phils -

No reapet this time

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North Carolina and Michigan State move on

Ford field was rocking during yesterdays first game between UCONN and Michigan St.. But it was one of those games where one team was so close but the losing team could not have a successfull possesion. That was the story of this one. Michigan St. kept on pulling away, but the Huskies wouldnt go away. But, they wore out at the end and fell. Giving coach Calhoun his first ever final four loss.

After that one the crowd was exited for a second game. North Carolina against Villanova. The game started close but as we neared the end of the first the Heels pulled away. Mid-way through the second they were getting leads like, 17 or 13. At one point the Cats only had 6 points in 8 minutes. Scottie Reynolds than ended that by trying to get his team back. But it just wasnt enough to send the Heels home.

In the end Connecticut and Villanova packed there bags back home. But North Carolina and Michigan St. will play one more game until they go home. The seniors of these two teams are either the lukist, or the least luky. How would it feel winning the national championship in your last game in the NCAA? But how would it feel to lose the champioship in your last NCAA game?


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AP Player of the year voting

Blake Griffin............................

DeJuan Blair..............................

Tyler Hansbrough.........................

Ty Lawson.............................

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