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Posted on: April 4, 2009 9:17 am

Connecticut-Michigan State

                                                                 When Connecticut has the Ball

With Hasheem Thabeet in the lane, the Huskies wont be scared to take it in. But Michigan St. can't just focus on Thabeet and inside play when the Huskies have AJ Price and Jeff Adrien playing the outside. But luckilly for Michigan St. they have great defenders in Gary Suton and Kalin Lucas.

                                                                When Michigan St. has the Ball

The Spartans inside plans will get kiled by Thabeet on the inside with his beastlly size. But they still have Kalin Lucas who avarages 14 points a game. So hes goanna have to pick up the slack to win this game for the Spartans.


I think that Thabeet and co. will hold there defense. And go on to win this one and play North Carolina in the Championship.

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