Posted on: December 25, 2008 9:54 am

Just Not The Same

Today the Washington Wizards will lay the Cavs in a christmas classic. But t just wont be the same this year. The Cavs are one of the best teams in the NBA while the Wizards on the other hand are one of the worst in the east. It shows what twenty-two bad games can do to a team. On the other hand, the Wizards are an ok team. There record is less than there talent.The Wizards are a injury plaqued team. They had lost Caron Butler for a few games earlier. And who knows when Gilbert Arenas is coming back.  They also traded Antonio Daniels which wasnt smart. Then they went and fired there coach Eddie Jordan. The Wizards have done everything wrong and nothing right so far this season. The Wizards do have a good win under there belt though. They did beat Detroit. But the Cavs have a franchise best 24-4 start.

For Cavs, Team Chemistry Is the Winning Formula

That was the title of a story on the Washington post this morning. If thats true, then the Cavs have a great shot at the finals.

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