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Why The Hoyas Will Win

The Hoyas have suprised evryone by making todays Big East tournamnet championship. But today they will have to beat the Mountaniers of West Virginia to win the Big East tournament champioship. Both are easy locks for the tournamnet. But who gets to hang that banner in the stadium, it will be decided today. The Hoyas have shown that they can beat anyone after a good start, but can lose to anyone with a bad one. The first half will decide this game. Expect  really close one.

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Hoyas Regain Life With Win

The Hoyas, like always had a second half lead. But for once, they kept it.

56-54, final. The Hoyas beat the Villanova Wildcats in Philly. With the win the Hoyas regain some hope. If they win out and win 3 games in the Big East tournement that will give them a chance to get in as the last team. But there are other teams looking to get in also. Do they deserve it more. Lets take a look at there resumes.


They have solid wins against Memphis,Connecticut,Syracuse and Villanova but struggled to a 7-11 against RPI top 100 teams. They have pretty much run out of regular season chances only having DePaul and St.Johns left to play. 


 Kentucky is slowlly taking them selves out. At first it looked like they had a shot, but now are losing to unquallity teams. Yes, Jodie Meeks could be the next Stephen Curry come tourny time, but they will have to make it first then. There remaining schedule shows Georgia and Florida. Florida is a decent team, but Georgia isnt at all.

Notre Dame:16-12

The best the Irish will do in the Big East will be 8-10. And that will only happen if they are able to beat Villanova. Including a 72nd rated RPI and they are not in good shape. Also, one of there quallity wins isnt a qualllity win anymore, Georgetown. Now they have one chance to show the commitie what there made of. Villanova.

Penn St. 20-9

At first we thought the Lions wouldnt stand a chance in making it. But they have played them selves in and deserve an at-large bid if they win out. Out of the teams on the list, I think there in the best shape. But they still have one challenge, Illinois. But lukilly for them, the beat the Illini 38-33.

Virginia Tech: 17-11

Looking at there record you would say Tech is in good shape. But they are going through the hardest part of there schedule. They beat Clemson, lose to Duke, but still have North Carolina and Florida St. to go. They do have quallity wins though, Wake Forest,Clemson and they would have beat Xavier if it wernt for a half-court buzzer beater.     


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Lets Go Huskies!

As you probablly know, usall powerhouse Georgetown is the usall Gtown team, but with out the power. But as you look at this years rankings you see that number 1 ranked Connecticut has one loss. And thats against the Hoyas. So when UCONN wins, it gives Georgetown a better resume to make the tourny. They also have beat Syracuse. So this year, I will no longer say Hoya Saxa, I will say Hoya Huskie.


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Hoyas vs. Pirates Game preview

Tommorow two struggiling teams will meet Prudential Center. The home team, the Pirates out of Senton Hall, will come in at  9-9 0-6 in the Big East. The Hoyas out of Georgetown will pay them a visit. Georgetown is struggiling after a great start, but fell and now is at a struggiling 12-5 3-3.

The Pirates leading scorer is Jeremy Hazell avraging a little less than 23 points per game. Robert Mitchell leads the teams rebounding with about eight and a half per game. And Eugine Harvey's 5 assists per game lead the Pirates. The Pirates most recent game was a devestating overtime loss to the Providence Friars. And before that a fifteen point loss to the Huskies.

The Hoyas are more of a spread out team then the Pirates though. There main scorer is DaJuan Summers with 15 points per game. Freshman Star Greg Monroe is an all around player. But still leads his team with about six and a half rebounds per a game. The hoyas are a low team at assiting. Avaraging 13.4 a game as a team. But Monroe leads the team with 2.8 and Freeman is right behind him with 2.1.

After all of this. I think the Hoyas are a quallity team. And they will get about a 5 point win. And im not saying this cause im a Hoya fan.

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Big East's overly competetive schedules

You might be hearing alot about Rutgers 1-2-3 schedule giong into the new years. But this is the Big East. Which means everyone is good, even Providence. So when these teams play in conference, it will be a tough game.

Lets take a look at every one else is schedule.

Take Georgetown's schedule for example. Having back to back games against Pittsburg and Uconn.  Then playing Notre Dame. And two games later, Syracuse.  Then they play Duke, and Cincinatti in there next four games. Three games later they go back-to-back against  Cinci and Syracuse. After that they have a few more tough games.

So now we learn Rutgers isnt the only team

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08 National Champion

Who will it be. Will Tyler Be able to lead Unc or will Hibbert and Co. take him down. Will UCLA win or will they not make the final four after losing to Duke.Will the Hawks fly or Fall to the Vols. Well this what I think .

Kansas Knoks off Tenesse in Elite Eight

Kansas Gets Knoked out by Gtown in Elite Eight

Duke knoks out Ucla also in Elite eight

UNC gets knoked out by Gtown in Final Four

Memphis also makes to the Final Four and Beats Duke

GTown Beats Memphis and becomes the NCAA Chmps

You can say I only picked GTown becouse there my favorite team but thats what I really think will happen.   

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