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Why The Hoyas Will Win

The Hoyas have suprised evryone by making todays Big East tournamnet championship. But today they will have to beat the Mountaniers of West Virginia to win the Big East tournament champioship. Both are easy locks for the tournamnet. But who gets to hang that banner in the stadium, it will be decided today. The Hoyas have shown that they can beat anyone after a good start, but can lose to anyone with a bad one. The first half will decide this game. Expect  really close one.

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One Mistake Ends a Season

It was 66-65 with about 19 seconds left. The Akron Zips got a fast-break. Ther shot was blocked though and than they gotr the ball back. But then they made a bad pass and lost the ball with 15 seconds left. By luck though they got the ball back and scored to tie it at 68 to send it to ot. In ot they were demolished. Ohio pulled away and won the MAC championship. Meaning the Zips season is over.


Kansas up 71-64 with 28.4 left in regulation 
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Big Sky Conference Tournemnet

Weber State was the run-away winner of the regular-season title, rolling to a 15-1 league record. The Wildcats, who ended the regular-season on a 12-game winning streak, are seeking their second Big Sky tournament title in three years and ninth overall. Their lone league loss came at home vs. third-seeded Montana. The Dee Events Center, home of the Wildcats, is hosting the tournament.
1st round

Idaho St. vs. North Colorado

Montana vs.Montana St

2nd Round

Webber St. vs. Idaho St.

Portland St. vs. Montana St.


Webber St. vs. Portland St.

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Atlantic Sun Tournement Final Preview

Both Jacksonville and East Tennesse State scored a total 88 points in there respected conference tournements. The Dolphins won the regular season title, but the Buccs had the best overall record in the coference.

                                                                                                       When The Jacksonville Dolphins Have The Ball

Ben Smith is the primary scorer for the Phins. But they are a sread out team. While Smith avarages 16.8 points per game, they have a few other players to go to if hes not open.  They have Colbert who avarages 12.1, and Allen and Hardy who both avarage 10.2 points a game. Ben Smith is actually also the only player who avarages more than 1.8 assists per game(4).

For the Buccs defense, its block Smith. They do also have other targets, but Smith is the only player that can set up a shot no matter whos taking it.They also have a pretty good rebounder in Mike Smith. So if they can get the Phins to miss a sht, Smith will be in the inside getting ready to make a rebound and get the ball for the Buccs.

                                                                                                      When The East Tennesse State Buccaners Have The Ball

The Buccs are in good position offensivlly. They have Kevin Tiggs who avarages 22.5 points a game and Courtney Pigam who gets 17 a game. Those are both more than Ben Smith. They also have Mike Smith who avarages 15.3 a game.

The Phins will have to play great D. And Marcus Allen has to have a good day inside to get the Phins the ball back.

In the end I pick the Buccs

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West Coast Conference Tournement

San Diego vs. Marymount

San Francisco vs. Pepperdine

2nd round

Santa Clara vs. San Diego

Portlnd vs. Pepperdine

3rd round

Gonzaga vs. San Diego

St.Marys vs. Portland


Gonzaga vs. St.Marys

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Southren Conference Tournement

Games that are in progress or that have been played will be my pregame picks

Appalachian st vs. GA. Southren

Charlesston vs. Greensboro

Wofford vs. Elon

Samford vs. Furman

2nd round

Davidson vs. Appalchian St.(st. won real game)

West Caolina vs. Charleston

Chatonooga vs. Elon

Citadel vs. Samford

3rd round

Davidson vs. Charleston(wish this could be the championship game)

Chattonooga vs. Citadel


Davidson vs. Citadel


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American East Coference Tourny Predictions

Binghamton and Vermont shared the regular-season conference title with identical 13-3 league records, but the Bearcats snagged the top seed by virtue of sweeping the season series. The teams were 1-2 in scoring, Vermont at 77.8 ppg and Binghamton at 70.4 ppg. Binghamton's D.J. Rivera led the league in scoring at 20.2 ppg, while Vermont's Marqus Blakely was the league's leading rebounder (9.0). The first three rounds are held at Albany’s SEFCU Arena with the championship game hosted by the highest remaining seed.

1st round

Maine vs. Hartford

2nd round

Bingaham vs. Hartford

New Hampshire vs. Stony Brook

Boston U vs. UMBC

Vermont vs. Albany

3rd round

Bigaham vs. Stony Brook

Vermont vs. UMBC


Stony Brook vs. UMBC

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CAA Coference Tournement Predictions

1st round(Games that have already been played i have still posted my pregame pics)

Georgia St. vs. Delaware

Hofstra vs. NC Willmington

James Madison vs. William & Mary

Drexel vs. Towson

2nd Round

VCU vs. Georgia St.

Old Dominion vs. Hofstra

George Mason vs. James Madison

Northeastren vs. Drexel

3rd round

VCU vs. Hofstra

George Mason vs. Northeastren


VCU vs. George Mason

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